Rondall, Pamela, and the kids in a fall 2014 portrait taken by Nicole DiGiorgio of Sweetness and Light Photography

Hello and Welcome

Faith on View is where we (Pamela and Rondall) explore our passions.

We are both artists. Rondall is primarily a painter and Pamela is a photographer. Rondall is also an Art & Religion scholar working on his PhD. 

On this website, we muse on Art, Faith, Culture, and the Pedestrian... basically anything that strikes our interest. Ultimately, we are exploring human flourishing.

Art & Faith

Art and Faith are a huge part of what this site is all about. A great deal of what we write about on the Blog deals with these two issues in one form or another. But, we also have a other areas of this site that deal with these subjects.

Christian College Rankings: Faith on View publishes the most comprehensive rankings of Christian Institutions of Higher Learning available. Each year, roughly 200 institutions are evaluated to provide help to students and parents with their college choices

Speaking: Rondall speaks at churches, universities and other organizations on subjects related to art & faith. With Pamela, they also run workshops which bring art to the church and the community in a hands on way. Programming is appropriate for both congregations and as outreach.

Emanuel Garibay, Oblation, oil on canvas, 30 3/4" x 99 1/4", 2008

Resources: Faith on View provides the most complete English language Art & Faith resource guide. Whether you want to find artists of faith, articles, books, museums, websites, journals, organizations, educational institutions, or more. Explore our resource guide to learn more about the beautiful world of art & faith.

I Am What I Am #7, acrylic and colored pencil on paper, 12" x 9", 2013

Pamela and Rondall are both working artists. Their works are available for sale in their boutique at You will find original paintings and drawings by Rondall along with limited edition prints of his work. Pamela also has limited edition and unlimited edition prints of her photography available.

For generations, artists and the arts have been supported by Patrons. In honor of that long tradition, Pamela and Rondall have established a patronage program where patrons can support their writing and their art. Monthly installments can be applied to the purchase of artwork.

Photo by Pamela Reynoso

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