Top Christian Colleges 2018

Faith on View began ranking top Christian colleges in 2013. In the five years since we began this project, other organizations have followed suit. These are, however, the original and by far the most comprehensive Christian College rankings available. We employ the most complete measures based methodology available for Christian College rankings anywhere. We calculate the rankings […]

Tournament of Artists 2018:1

The Tournament of Artists started a couple of years ago. Last year, we reworked the structure but weren’t able to really get it going until now. While I love art and art history, I also know that many people fine art history kind of dull. This is a fun way to introduce people to famous […]

Faith on View Reborn

As most of the readers of Faith on View know, this blog is a project of love. It is something I am passionate about. But, it is also something that can get pushed to the side when life gets crazy. And… life has been crazy recently! I have also come to realize, though, how important […]

Tournament of Artists 2017:1

We have reworked the Tournament of Artists format so that it is responsive to mobile and can be more easily read on your phone.Round 2017:1 of the Tournament of Artists has fourteen artists facing off for your votes! In each match-up, vote for your favorite. You can also click the images to find out more about […]

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For the Love of Quotes

"There are two kinds of people in the world. There's philosophers and drug addicts. And, Christianity is the drug of choice for a lot of people." -Jack Crabtree

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