Of Might and Memories

Never Forget. As I write this, an estimated 5.3 million posts have used the #memorialday tag on Instagram alone. As it always follows a Sunday, a quick “Memorial Day sermons” Google search yielded over 7.5 …

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5 Religious Pilgrim Podcasts

No, I’m not talking about those pilgrims. Though the thought does raise the question of whether William Bradford would have created the Plymouth Plantation Podcast had such wizardry existed in his time. I’m using the …

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The American Idol of Freedom

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about freedom in the United States. This is especially true over the last few weeks as protesters have been calling for the government to …

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The Devil in you

Being in a position of power gives you all the tools you need to be Antichrist. All you have to do is lean in. So says the Devil incarnate in so many words during a …

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