Me and Mark Driscoll

As well-intentioned Christians, we often make claims about how God speaks to us. There is a plethora of sentimental illustrations that seek to bolster our claims, including but not limited to, beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountains, …

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A Father’s and Mother’s Legacy

My dad passed away about six weeks ago. My mother passed away almost 14 years ago. Our family home was sold last year. I find myself feeling unmoored in a way I have never felt …

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A bank full of beggars

The Parcast Network’s Conspiracy Theories podcast recently did a four-episode deep dive into the supposed mysteries of the Vatican. While some parts were interesting and some were just silly, it opened with what I thought …

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Rick Warren Retires

Rick Warren, the best-selling pastor of Saddleback Church near Los Angeles, who skyrocketed into prominence in the Evangelical world with his Purpose-Driven book series in the early 2000s, has announced his retirement.  In his 42 …

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Abuse alleged at Hillsong New York City

A former church staffer and nanny for Hillsong NYC’s former pastor Carl Lentz has come forward claiming the celebrity pastor sexually abused her. Leona Kimes has accused Lentz of repeatedly touching her in an unwanted …

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Peace with Graham

One of my pastors offered a humorous shorthand for dealing with the complexities of defining American evangelicalism when I was a teenager. He repeated the joke, popular at the time, that an evangelical was anyone …

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