A Fresh Start & Changes Galore

This is what our little caravan looked like heading across country with five kids, a dog, and a turtle.

After five years in Louisiana my family has made a big move. We are back in California! This will be an exciting chapter for our family as I am starting a PhD program in Art & Religion at the Graduate Theological Union where my focus will be in art history. I will of course be continuing my artistic production plus a couple more projects which I will be talking about soon. My wife is also starting a portrait photography business, The Captivated Frame, that we are very excited about. My wife is also no longer homeschooling which is a big change for the family, but the kids are excited to be in school. Finally, our oldest son has gone off to college at Providence College. In some ways, this is the biggest change of all. It is an exciting and challenging time. But, it will be good.

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  • Congratulations! Where at in CA are you?

  • Thank you. We are in Fairfield. How did your walk to Seattle go? I wasn’t able to follow your adventures as closely as I would have liked.

    • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Got home last Saturday and finally got the computer going this afternoon. The walk to Seattle was great! I’ll be giving a presentation and announcing my plans for the future on Oct 20th in Sacramento. Now that you’re in Fairfield you’re not too far away. You and the Mrs should seriously try and go. Hope you’re settling in smoothly.

  • Sounds great. Unfortunately, I will probably out of town on the 20th. I deliver a paper at a conference in British Columbia on the 18th and I’m not sure when I get back. But, I will see if I can make it work.

    • Bummer! Well, if you can’t make it, I do plan on recording it on video, and there’s a possibility I may do other speaking engagements.

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