Write for Faith on View

Faith on View began as a personal blog in 2011 but has grown to include additional voices over the years. 

We would like to expand the voices we share especially to include more voices of women and people of color. We ask contributing authors to commit to writing one article a month. Though we are open to them sharing additional articles beyond their commitment. In general, we are looking for authors who want to be a part of our community and not just guest authors though on rare occasions we do publish pieces by guest authors. 

The desire is to have authors who fit with the ethos of Faith on View so we encourage you to read our articles. If you disagree with the authors at times, that is fine, but if the tenor and approach of our articles makes you angry then we are not a good fit for each other. The START HERE page is a good place to start. We also require that authors feel comfortable with our Spiritual Foundations Statement. We do not require 100% agreement but a general agreement. The first article by a contributing author is always an article about the author's spiritual journey. 

If you are interested in writing for Faith on View, we encourage you to reach out to Rondall. A draft of the author's spiritual journey will be required in considering the fit of the author. 

Graced With Light installation in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

Here are some examples:

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