Me and Mark Driscoll

As well-intentioned Christians, we often make claims about how God speaks to us. There is a plethora of sentimental illustrations that seek to bolster our claims, including but not limited to, beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountains, …

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Exvangelical: Peeps just in time for Easter.

Editor’s Note: The term exvangelical has come into vogue recently as more people deconstruct (another trending word) their faith. All the Faith on View authors come from evangelical movements either, Baptist or Pentecostal, and all …

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Why Everyone’s Gifts Matter

The Christmas classic The Little Drummer Boy, while a catchy tune, doesn’t have its origins in the biblical narrative, but in the mind of composer Katherine Kennicott Davis, who penned the song in 1941. And …

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Messages Matter

  As the 2020 presidential campaign draws to a conclusion (hopefully), I think it would be good to pause for a moment and consider how the current vitriol and divisiveness challenges the strengths of our …

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