End the Whitewashing

There is a palatable tension in the air. Do you feel it? This is the feeling of Black people standing up to our Nation’s racist systems. Another unarmed Black man is shot. This time it’s …

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The person my mother thinks I am

My mother is fond of telling me, “Scot you’re David!” The David she has in mind is the biblical one. And when she conflates me and King David, I’m positive she is thinking of the …

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We were never in this together

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought our collective worlds to a screeching halt, and now the world that is emerging looks very different as all of us learn to navigate new realities. While many clamor for …

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White privilege in the White House

If the Presidency of Donald J. Trump has one overarching theme thus far, it would have to be the attempt to undo everything the Obama administration accomplished. In fact, the Trump presidency “brand” could simply …

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The Religious White

Some of my earliest memories are filled with images of Pentecostal worship—from both above and beneath the pews, as I often slept under them during worship services. For most of my life, I’ve enjoyed preferred …

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