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Revisiting 2014…aka another top 10 list.

A little while back I had a fan of Faith on View message me on Facebook asking me to once again post regularly on Faith on View. Okay, truth be told it really was more of an internet friend teasing me for my failures. For those who follow this blog, they noticed that in September posts […]

10 Days of Aesthetics: The Sublime (Day 9)

*Read this series from the beginning.*  Kant’s distinctions about the sublime, and, in fact, the two forms of sublime Mathematical and Dynamical, are extremely nuanced and cannot be fully addressed here. But, there are some important points which help lead to the Axis Theory’s understanding of sublime. Kant begins his discussion of sublime by claiming […]

10 Days of Aesthetics: Kitsch (Day 5)

*Read this series from the beginning.*  Kitsch Kitsch is often very clearly linked with the pretty. Certainly, that is the case with the work of Kinkade. Roger Scruton says, “The world of kitsch is a world of make-believe, of permanent childhood, in which every day is Christmas. In such a world, death does not really […]

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