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Reynoso Art: Roundels

When I was in undergrad I first got interested in painting on shaped canvases. The obsession continued for a couple of year. Actually, now that I think about it I wouldn’t mind doing some more of these. One of the funniest things that came out of these was a comment that was made at my […]

Reynoso Art: All of Human Existence

This early work is one of the largest paintings I have made. Sheol, ‘Erets, Shamayim are the Hebrew words for hell, earth, and heaven. The panoramic layout is 13 feet wide and is meant to reference the entirety of human existence. This piece is part of my Societal Portrait series. People have a natural desire to associate […]

Reynoso Art: Emotive Reason

This is the first Reynoso Art post we have done in over a year. The idea of this series is to highlight Pamela’s and my work. It may be a little self-promotional but I think of it more like sharing. This week’s piece, for example, doesn’t even exist anymore. I was looking through my images […]

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