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Trustee Calls for David Hankins’ Resignation

I previously reported that Jay Adkins resigned from the Louisiana College Board of Trustees. I learned today that my information was incorrect. He left the last meeting in protest but did not resign. Larry Hubbard did resign. Today, Jay Adkins released a letter that he gave to Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David Hankins calling for his […]

Louisiana College: lies, obfuscation, and a lack of repentance

When I think that Louisiana College can no longer surprise me…they do. Yesterday, the Board of Trustees voted to retire Joe Aguillard. But, instead of repenting for the sins that occurred under his leadership they chose to praise Aguillard for his vision, diligence, fortitude, and Christian commitment. Chairman of the Board, Tommy French, released this […]

Largest Donor in Louisiana College History moves support to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Last year it was big news when the Cason Foundation, which is to date the largest single donor in Louisiana College history, removed its support from the Caskey Divinity School at Louisiana College. They removed their support because they no longer trusted Dr. Aguillard and because the board showed so little concern for the truth […]

What is public reaction to the retirement of President Joe Aguillard?

There havebeen some very emotional reactions to the actions taken by the Louisiana College Board of Trustees yesterday when they forces the retirement of Joe Aguillard but at the same time names him President Emeritus. I am very curious as to the broad perception of their actions. Please vote. Let me and the world know […]

Joe Aguillard’s apology that proved the narrative

David Hankins released through the Baptist Message confirms the narrative that has been being established through the media and blogs over the last two months. It really is a simple narrative: Joe Aguillard is dishonest and self-serving while David Hankins has amassed tremendous power in the LBC and has shown undue influence in Louisiana College […]

The Louisiana College Board of Trustees: Sycophants and Heroes

When all is said and done it is the responsibility of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees to make sure LC is a healthy and properly run institution. As I have been in conversation with academics, legal professionals, and media members around the country, the consistent bewilderment has been…”How does the board let this continue?” […]

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