The dangerous nexus of conspiracy theories in the Middle East

Image shows a street view of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock in the distance.

(ANALYSIS) A conspiracy theory held widely in the Middle East is that
Israel is planning to destroy the site of Al-Aqsa complex in Jerusalem,
which includes the Muslim holy sites of the Dome of the Rock and the
Al-Aqsa Mosque. Some add this is part of a project to clear the buildings
from the Temple Mount in order to build the Third Temple. A key part of
this scheme is believed to be efforts to breed a flawless red heifer.

Same-sex couple blessings in the Catholic Church

Love is written on a drawing of a stained glass window.

Pope Francis’s recent openness to priests offering blessings to same-sex couples has generated attention. While Catholic Church doctrine defines marriage as between one man and one woman, the Pope’s comments emphasize the importance of pastoral …

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