Considering the idea of a biblical worldview

Earth from space

The concept of a Christian worldview is fundamentally simple, but its implications are profound. There are a modest number of foundational assumptions necessary to view the world from a Christian perspective. Beyond that the task …

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Maybe a second Trump term won’t be bad?

The legs and feet of a person in blue jeans and canvas tennis shoes stands looking down at two blue paint stenciled "Vote" on concrete.

Donald Trump maintains a significant lead in the polls ahead of the Iowa caucuses, making his securing of the Republican nomination for president increasingly inevitable. Recent national polls show Trump ahead of President Biden for …

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Why everyone’s gifts matter

Small gifts wrapped in red and gold paper sit in a pile.

The Christmas classic The Little Drummer Boy, while a catchy tune, doesn’t have its origins in the biblical narrative, but in the mind of composer Katherine Kennicott Davis, who penned the song in 1941. And …

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