It’s the Logos not the Word

Close-up of an open page of the Bible.

The comment below came across my Twitter and it struck me… but, not in a good way. “The Holy Spirit does not use movies. He uses whatever Scripture is in those movies. The film, itself, …

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Should Christians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing and rolls are shown on a table.

We’ve officially arrived at that time of the year when social media feeds are filled with well-intentioned posts of thankfulness. This is a welcomed reprieve from the numerous protest memes from evangelicals about the evils …

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My friend wasn’t supposed to die

A woman dressed in black is shown with a hand on a casket and holding a bouquet of white flowers.

  “Do you know why people get together at Christmas? Because every time they do it might be the last time. Every Christmas is last Christmas.” -from Dr. Who 253, “Last Christmas,” written by Steven …

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Our Savior is not a slasher

Israel's flag is shown waving in the wind with the corner of a high-rise building as a backdrop.

Every year at this time, my social media feeds and television channels become flooded with Halloween-themed content. But given the real-world horrors unfolding globally, it’s challenging to find anything imaginary truly frightening by comparison. Interestingly, …

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