Our Savior is not a slasher

Israel's flag is shown waving in the wind with the corner of a high-rise building as a backdrop.

Every year at this time, my social media feeds and television channels become flooded with Halloween-themed content. But given the real-world horrors unfolding globally, it’s challenging to find anything imaginary truly frightening by comparison. Interestingly, …

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Insiders until they’re not

A simple line cartoon shows an ex-vangelical person chained at the ankle to a huge ball labeled evangelical.

Martin Luther stood in peril of his earthly life and possibly his eternal soul. The energetic Wittenberg firebrand challenged more than he realized when he issued debating points to the popular indulgence seller Johann Tetzel. …

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Should I tell him he’s a racist?

A person's hands are shown holding a white sign up with the words "Confront your racism" written on it.

Social media is fraught with challenges not the least of which is racism. I admit that over the last few years, I have become less active on social media—part of the reason is the growth …

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