Dinesh D’Souza Indicted for Fraud

Dinesh D'Souza

Most people know Dinesh D’Souza as a conservative author. But, to be frank I don’t read many of the type of books he writes. I know him as the former president of the evangelical The King’s College in New York City. For those of you who do not know, D’Souza resigned from his position at The King’s College in October 2012 after World Magazine reported that he checked into a hotel at a conference with a woman who was introduced as his fiancée despite the fact that he was still married, though estranged. He has followed that up now by being indicted for campaign fraud. More details are available here, but basically he gave too much money to a campaign but gave it under different names so it wouldn’t get caught and knowingly caused others to lie.

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Baptist Ministers Seem to Vote to Cover Up Sin

Lewis Richerson Pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana wrote a commentary in the Town Talk today which called for David Hankins (Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention) to step down from his voting position on …

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Guns, such different perspectives

I really should cut the Facebook habit. But, there have been times in the last couple of years when Facebook was link to sanity, my link to people who thought more like me, and my connection to people who cared for me beyond what was expedient. I guess I have an emotional tie to Facebook. That said there are still times it drives me nuts. Mostly, because at times it gives me a little too much of an unedited look at people’s beliefs.

It is kind of like when my wife first found out that a lot of her friends in Louisiana carried hand guns in their gloves boxes. Before living in Louisiana, I grew up in California and lived in New York City. So, I guess I just have a different way of thinking. The thought of these soccer moms at my wife’s Bible study having guns in their glove boxes really threw me for a loop. It wasn’t like we lived in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. These friends all lived in safe suburban/ rural communities. I really don’t understand why the fear, why the need for the guns.

I felt kind of the same way when I saw this picture posted on Facebook. First let me say that I support the second amendment. While I don’t own any guns (other than my BB gun from when I was a kid), I think people should have a right to own guns. I wouldn’t mind a little more control in terms of wait periods and such but I think people have the right to hunt and shoot for sport, or to collect guns, etc. What I don’t understand though is the fear and aggression that seems to come through in the image here. The person that posted this also lives in a safe neighborhood in a small community. Why do people like this think they will need a gun to protect themselves?

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Politics and the bride of Christ.

  Every once in a while you run across an article where all you can you is node approvingly and say “Amen.”  7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics by Bryan Roberts is one such article. …

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Shot by Culture Warriors

I ran across this story about John Fea this morning and I find it truly disturbing. Fea is a history professor and Department Chair at Messiah College who recently made the cardinal sin of saying something positive about Barrack Obama. Fea wrote an article for Patheos.com that both points to Obama’s explicitly Christian rhetoric and criticized him for failing to follow through on some of his faith-based promises from the 2008 campaign. That article was then discovered and written about on Glen Beck‘s ‘The Blaze‘. The part of the article that really set people off was when Fea wrote:

Obama may be the most explicitly Christian president in American history. If we analyze his language in the same way that historians examine the religious language of the Founding Fathers or even George W. Bush, we will find that Obama’s piety, use of the Bible, and references to Christian faith and theology put most other American presidents to shame on this front. I think there may be good reasons why some people will not vote for Obama in November, but his commitment to Christianity is not one of them.

In Fea’s response to the firestorm, he wrote:

When I awoke this morning I had dozens of angry e-mails.  The voice-mail on my office phone was filled with nasty attacks.  The Blaze currently has 800+ comments and the originally piece at Patheos has about 160….  In the last 24 hours I have been called a lot of names.  I have been compared to Hitler, Louis Farrakhan, and Woodrow Wilson (yes, you read that last one correctly).  Several expressed wishes that I be cast into perdition.  A few demanded that the administration at the college where I teach fire me immediately.

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