The Religious White

Some of my earliest memories are filled with images of Pentecostal worship—from both above and beneath the pews, as I often slept under them during worship services. For most of my life, I’ve enjoyed preferred …

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Visio Divina in the Classroom

It is not uncommon for professors at Christian colleges and universities to begin class with prayer. I attended public schools through high school. I attended public colleges until I transferred to a private secular art …

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What frightened Felix?

To me, one of the most fascinating exchanges in the Bible is between the Apostle Paul and Governor Felix in Acts 24. It comes after Paul has been arrested in Jerusalem for sedition, rebellion, and …

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Being a Black Christian today

This piece originally appeared on the Website for Wayhouse Media on June 4, 2020 under the title “Being a Black Christian in 2020.” Matt Allbritton, the owner of Wayhouse, has joined the contributing authors at …

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The Apologetic of Love

Don’t be “That Guy” When I was younger, I really loved apologetics. There is something compelling about knowing the answers. I liked the surety that it helped give me to know that I had a reasoned …

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Why I Hate Evangelicals

I had an interesting experience a few years back. A message was sent to me on social media from a family member asking me, “Why do you hate evangelicals?” I Am Evangelical If you follow …

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