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Visio Divina in the Classroom

It is not uncommon for professors at Christian colleges and universities to begin class with prayer. I, however, attended public schools through high school. I attended public colleges until I transferred to a private secular art school in New York where I finished my bachelors and received two masters degrees. My point is that when […]

Why I Hate Evangelicals

I had an interesting experience a few years back. A message was sent to me on social media from a family member asking me, “Why do you hate evangelicals?” I Am Evangelical If you follow this blog or know me personally that may seem like a weird question. I’m a life long Baptist who is […]

The failure of the evangelical witness… set to music

Over the last several years, I have become increasingly concerned by the deteriorating evangelical witness for Christ. One of the most troubling aspects of my concern is that most evangelicals simply don’t see. I’m not sure why, though I do have some suspicions. The musical part is at the end…I promise. A Culture of Prosperity America, […]

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