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I Hate Murphy

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” –Murphy’s Law I’ve said for years that I hate Murphy. During my adult life it seems like his law has had too much sway over me. When I was heading a college art department a few years ago one of my faculty members had a humorous poster […]

I’m an Evangelical Democrat and I’m Coming Out… Politically Speaking

I am a Democrat. Even more…by most metrics I’m a progressive or liberal Democrat. There I said it. My Facebook friends won’t be surprised by this. I haven’t hidden my political orientation but I’ve also never really come out publicly and said it. There is something pressure inducing about the prospect especially as one who […]

A Hero in My Own Eyes

I shared last month that the last few years have been difficult for me. In fact, the last month has also been difficult. Life is filled with disappointments and challenges. I think we often lose something as we grow up. We go from feeling we can do anything to wondering if we can do anything. […]

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