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I’m an Evangelical Democrat and I’m Coming Out… Politically Speaking

I am a Democrat. Even more…by most metrics I’m a progressive or liberal Democrat. There I said it. My Facebook friends won’t be surprised by this. I haven’t hidden my political orientation but I’ve also never really come out publicly and said it. There is something pressure inducing about the prospect especially as one who […]

A Hero in My Own Eyes

I shared last month that the last few years have been difficult for me. In fact, the last month has also been difficult. Life is filled with disappointments and challenges. I think we often lose something as we grow up. We go from feeling we can do anything to wondering if we can do anything […]

Revisiting 2014…aka another top 10 list.

A little while back I had a fan of Faith on View message me on Facebook asking me to once again post regularly on Faith on View. Okay, truth be told it really was more of an internet friend teasing me for my failures. For those who follow this blog, they noticed that in September posts […]


Freedom Tower NYC life in it's shadow

Every year, when 9/11 arrives yet again, a whirl of emotions fill me and I begin to mentally prepare myself for the countless images of flaming towers and chaos. On September 11, 2001 I was watching  the TV dumbfounded as events unfolded just a few miles away. When the last tower dropped, I was suddenly […]

In Memory of Mom

Today is the seventh anniversary of my mother’s passing. It is always a hard day. Mom and I were very close and she was the glue that held the family together. So many things have changed since she passed. One of my greatest sorrows is that she never met our youngest daughter, who she would […]

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