The Cheeky Scholar!

Rondall Reynoso
Rondall Reynoso

I’ve been web-rolled! If that is even a word. Strange things happen in the Weird Wide Web. Almost a month ago, I posted this status on Facebook:

My use of the work Nekkid in a paper title and my discussion about kitsch tonight has earned me the designation of Cheeky Scholar from a friend. I kinda like it. I though[t] The Cheeky Scholar would make a great blog name but I can barely handle the one blog I already have. But, I like the designation and need to find a way to use it.

So, occasionally I google myself. I know it sounds vain and maybe it is but I often find articles or references that I didn’t know where out there. Today I found a good article by Chris Gehrz at The Pietist Schoolman. But, what was really shocking was when my name came up with the website cheekyscholar.com. When I went to the link it redirected to this blog. The same things happens with .org, .info, and to all those variations with ‘the’ at the beginning. To be honest this both cracked me up and flipped me out a little bit. After some investigative work I discovered that a former student of mine had seen my Facebook status and thought it was too funny to pass up. Hilarious! That is my big laugh for the day.


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