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So why rank Christian Colleges? While rankings for higher education abound, they are filled with controversy. There are complaints about every methodology and many of them are justified. So, why would I want to step into this? It started as a personal interest. I worked for several years at  a Christian college that was not healthy. Looking at the drop in the US News rankings was a helpful way for those who were concerned about the college to quantify their concern. As I watched the rankings over the years, I noticed that it was often difficult to compare rankings from different categories. There was really no way to compare the quality of a national university to a regional liberal arts college or to compare regional schools that are in adjoining states but considered to be in different regions. Out of curiosity, I looked on-line to see if there was a ranking of Christian colleges. The only site I came across was one put together by the PR department of a college that just pulled CCCU schools out from the Forbes rankings. There was nothing independent and nothing exhaustive. Many Christian schools are small and a good number of them are not ranked in US News. My hope was to put together a comprehensive ranking of Christian colleges. What I didn’t realize until I began putting the rankings together was just how many students are served by Christian colleges. The 2013 Faith on View ranking ranks 191 colleges that serve well over 500,000 students including over 400,000 undergraduates. Further, over the last several decades Christian colleges have grown at a faster rate than secular schools as more families are interested in educations which are specifically and intentionally religious. Considering all that, I believe it is time for a comprehensive ranking of the choices families have for Christian higher education.