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Sheol, 'Erets, Shamayim, acrylic & pastel on canvas, 30" x 156", 2000
Sheol, ‘Erets, Shamayim, acrylic & pastel on canvas, 30″ x 156″, 2000

Art and Faith is really at the heart of what I do and who I am. I know there are many others who are also interested in art and faith. I started my career as an artist who was also a Christian. But, even in school how those two things worked together was important to me.

Then I started teaching art and art history at a denominational school where I headed the art program and was responsible for encouraging the integration of faith and learning in our department.

After that, my next step was to return to school where I am currently working on a PhD in Art & Religion. In this process, I am crystalizing even more the connection between art and faith. As I have moved further along on this path, I have longed for resources that were not available. It isn’t that there aren’t plenty of book, article, journals, etc. that deal with art and faith. The probelm for me has been that they are often difficult to find with each serving a slightly different niche.

It is with that in mind that I sought to combine these varied resources and additional ones I have discovered into a single resource. The Art & Faith Resources list that I have compiled is still an incomplete work in process. The books section, for example, has just a fraction of the available books. The same is true of the artists section. But, I decided that I could work for years trying to make the list complete. It is better to release the resource now and continue to build it over time with both the additional resources that I want to add and the resources that readers suggest to me.

The list is currated so I am not looking to add every possible resourcce. Frankly, bad materials exist. I am only seeking to add those which I believe will be helpful to readers and represent truth.

With all that in mind, I want to annouce the Faith on View Art & Faith Resouces page! Enjoy exploring and please leave any suggestions you have in the comments below.

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