From Duckrolling to Duck Dynasty.

So things have come full circle. I ran across a Facebook link with this title: “Duck Dynasty” Cast Announces Final Episode – A&E Special Bulletin.

I died laughing. I have never been Rickrolled before. I’ve heard about it but it has never happened to me. So, when it happened and I was busy laughing my son looked up Rickrolling on Wikipedia. We found out that Rickrolling came from Duckrolling. It just got funnier. 


In the days of imageboard and 4chan way back in 2006, there arose the prank of giving a link that looks like it is going to something completely different which then took the person to this Duckroll image. In 2007, this evolved to Rickrolling. A strange prank that leads the person to a video of the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up.” This is the strange sort of thing that can only exist on the internet. But, I find great humor in the circle that this prank has made from Duckrolling to Rickrolling the Duck Commander.

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