Faith on View’s Top 10 of 2021


It is that time of year!

Faith on View published 70 essays in 2021. Here are our 10 most popular for your enjoyment.

#1 Cruz Reynoso: An Obituary

by Rondall Reynoso

This summer after a hard three-year battle with rapid onset Alsheimer’s, Rondall’s father, who was the first Latino on the California Supreme Court and a major figure in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, passed away. This is obituary This personal obituary is a tribute to his father.

#2 Me and Mark Driscoll

by Scot Loyd

Mark Driscoll speaks at The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Good Friday, April 2, 2021. (Source: Video screengrab, julieroys.com)

The controversial Mark Driscoll has been an influential pastor for many years. Scot Loyd reflects, in this essay, on the influence Driscoll had on Scot in his time as a pastor.

#3 Put away your swords -Lamenting the celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse

by Scot Loyd

In this widely shared essay, Scot Loyd reflected on the broad evangelical Christian response to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.

#4 Evangelicals lose a poet, pundit, and president. Have they lost their testimony?

By Scott Loyd

Scot certainly had his finger on the pulse of what readers wanted to read this year. In this essay, Scot reflects on the influences of Rush Limbaugh and Christian pop icon Carmen and the influences these recently deceased figures had on evangelicalism in their mark toward Trump.

#5 Philosophy for Theology: Virtue and Duty Ethics

By Rondall Reynoso

On a website like Faith on View, it tends to be the most recent essays that get the most views. This essay is different. Published in 2014 this exploration between the difference between Duty and Virtue Ethics continues to be a very popular piece.

#6 Trumpalmentalism: The new religion of taking Trump seriously AND literally.

by Scot Loyd

This essay, written shortly after the inauguration of Joe Biden, reflects on the religious-like devotion to Donald Trump.

#7 Exvangelical: Moses had horns, the Bible tells me so

by Rondall Reynoso

Faith on View ran a series of articles on the concept of Exvangelicalism. Each FoV contributor has a different relationship to that term and we decided to explore that as reconstruction and evangelicalism became a major theme of 2021 in the broader religious culture.

#8 “Marching as to War” Why do American Evangelicals celebrate bloodshed?

by Scot Loyd

The tragic loss of life as the United States pulled out of Afghanistan led Scot Loyd to reflect on the rampant militarism of those who worship the Prince of Peace.

#9 Republicans can’t be Christian

By Rondall Reynoso

This essay was actually written in March 2020 just before the pandemic shut the world down. But, it continues to resonate with readers. It isn’t judgemental as the provocative title suggests…

#10 Reconsidering what it means to be Pro-life in America

by Scot Loyd

Pro-life is a huge issue in America. It has dictated the voting of millions for the last forty years. Scot Loyd reexamines the issue and reconsiders what being pro-life really means.

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