The Faith on View Jesus Project grew out of an article we wrote on Faith on View in June, 2020 entitled "Should we topple the white Jesus?" This article does not call for the toppling of white images of Jesus but for an expansion of our conception of Jesus.

The article ends with the following paragraph, "I would love to see an initiative in the Church that raises money and matches artists with churches to produce a new generation of Jesus images that reflect the diverse nature of Christianity and the ethnic heritage of Jesus. I can imagine a Renaissance of Jesus images that shows a rebirth of our awareness that Jesus died for the entire world and that he incarnated into a specific time and ethnicity in history. We need to seek to be washed from the stain of racism and actively advocate religion that is pure and undefiled before God."

What is the Jesus Project?

The Jesus Project seeks to be the initiative called for in our original article. It seeks to be a place where we can connect artists, churches, and patrons who are interested in sparking a Rennaisance of Jesus Images. Please watch this page over time as we develop a path forward but for now if you are an artists, church leader, or potential patron who is interested in participating in such a Rennaisance please ask to join our private Facebook Group.

Emanuel Garibay, Oblation, oil on canvas, 30 3/4" x 99 1/4", 2008