Tournament of Artists 2020:6

Faith on View readers get to vote for their favorite artists. Enjoy! You can see the records for the entire tournament HERE.  The winners of Round 2020:5 were Alfred Stieglitz, Honoré Daumier, Masaccio, Henry Ossawa Tanner, George Braque, Eva Hesse, and Frans Hals.Round 2020:6 brings 14 artists, 7 matches, to you for your votes. Vote for you favorites. This […]

Of Might and Memories

Never Forget. As I write this, an estimated 5.3 million posts have used the #memorialday tag on Instagram alone. As it always follows a Sunday, a quick “Memorial Day sermons” Google search yielded over 7.5 million hits. A search for “Good Friday sermons” yielded 10.3 million, much of which is surely international, for a modest […]

Two tactics for the disenfranchised voter

Another four years have passed and here we are once again, most of us dreading being forced to vote for the “lesser evil.” If you already know your choice and are happy about it, keep scrolling. However, if you’re like the powerless majority of Americans, I hope you will consider my two personal poll rules […]

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