Shot by Culture Warriors

I ran across this story about John Fea this morning and I find it truly disturbing. Fea is a history professor and Department Chair at Messiah College who recently made the cardinal sin of saying something positive about Barrack Obama. Fea wrote an article for that both points to Obama’s explicitly Christian rhetoric and criticized him for failing […]

Back in the blog game

You may have noticed…hopefully someone noticed…that this blog was down for a while. Technology is a wonderful, horrible thing. Not to get too complicated but, I had to update my my WordPress program which in turn required an update to the database which did not work properly. So, the blog was down for about a […]

Link Dump: February 4, 2012

I am adapting this idea from another blog I saw. I share several links, quotes, and images each week on my Facebook page. They are typically things that I find interesting or fun and I view as worth sharing. However, I also keep my Facebook private (Not my art Facebook page you can always follow […]

Sometimes we deserve to be laughed at.

I just recently ran across the blog of Matthew Paul Turner. There is a lot of good content on there. What first took me there was that a Facebook friend and former colleague posted a link by guest blogger Dianna Anderson. Dianna made an insightful argument about how Christianity is often not a safe place […]

Are We Voting Away Our Witness?

For good or ill, the evangelical community has been highly politicized for the last 30 years. The Religious Right has become a political force that has the power to sway elections and the very direction of the political conversation. But, I fear that the platform of the Religious Right seems to many to be more […]

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