Reynoso Art: Emotive Reason


Rondall Reynoso, Emotive Reason, pastel & acrylic on canvas, 17″ x 17″, 2002

This is the first Reynoso Art post we have done in over a year. The idea of this series is to highlight Pamela’s and my work. It may be a little self promotional but I think of it more as sharing. This week’s piece, for example, doesn’t even exist anymore.

I was looking through my images to decide which one to post and I ran across this one. For years, this piece was one of my wife’s favorites and it hung in our home. Unfortunately, when we lived in Louisiana fell off the wall and cracked…. life with kids. It is good to see this old friend.

This is a piece that I always wanted to develop a series from. Maybe I should do that now. When I was in Grad School at The Pratt Institute in New York I became fascinated with the golden section and Fibonacci numbers. To this day I still use these in my work. This piece was trying to explore both the emotive and rational qualities of my work. The composition is based on the rationality of the golden ration and even the colors are determined by equally dividing the colors from the color wheel. The application of paint, however, creates a much more tactile and emotional feel.




Rondall Reynoso is a NY educated artist, art historian, aesthetician, and speaker. He is a college professor and academic who is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in art history and aesthetics in Berkeley, CA. Rondall has shown his work extensively in over 80 exhibitions internationally.

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