Reynoso Art: Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, New York City, street photography

“Every Man” in Grand Central Station

This is one of my favorite images from Grand Central Station in New York City. I have found Grand Central Station to be a challenge to photograph well. Typically, you see images of the gorgeous roof inside the main terminal area, and I do have some of those, but I enjoyed finding an image that one may not immediately recognize as Grand Central.

The idea image presented itself as I was walking across this hallway one level up. I was drawn to the light fixture and the window first, but I also loved the canyon-like feel of this grand hallway. I have long loved the soaring architecture that characterizes much of NYC and this hallway provided much the same feel one gets when walking down Manhattan’s skyscraper lined city streets. For this image, I stopped, balanced my camera on a railing, and waited.  This gentleman soon appeared providing me with just the image I wanted.


~Pamela :)

This image, “Every Man”, is available for licensing or in print form using my Contact form: Contact Pamela

Pamela Reynoso

Pamela is a big city loving fine art photographer who enjoys various genres of photography, especially macro work. She lives in Cleveland, TN with her high school sweetheart and husband, Rondall, and their five children. She can usually be bribed with homemade peanut butter cookies.

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