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Twins © 2016 Pamela Reynoso


Last week I was out practicing landscape photography and decided to pack it in a little before sunset. (And with that sentence, I can just see every landscape photographer hanging their head…I know, I know!)

I’d already been out for a few hours, and one never really knows when the sunset is going to burn brilliantly, or when it’s going to fizzle… and I had an errand to run at the pet food store to buy some needed supplies. :)

Upon arriving at the store and noting the sky (I had been driving away from the sun), I saw things were shaping up quite nicely.  I decided that since I was already at the store, I may just as well run in and quickly make my purchases. When I exited the store I decided I had to hurry back out-of-town and towards more open sky in hopes of capturing something, anything with the gorgeous colors I was seeing. While driving I realized I was not going to get to a decent vantage point for a more traditional landscape image as the light was rapidly leaving. Once that realization hit, I immediately switched gears and began looking for a silhouette subject with a safe place to pull off the road.

Initially, I was upset at myself for missing the opportunity of photographing a beautiful sunset. I am, more often than not, photographing at dawn. Upon reflection, I realized that I had not really missed an opportunity, but rather participated in a useful exercise of pulling together not only my knowledge of photography, but of my local area to find an image ‘on the fly’.

The peak you see is called Twin Sisters and I thought it was especially fitting to add the silhouettes of two beautiful twin trees.

Go find beauty wherever  you live!

~Pamela :)

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Pamela Reynoso

Pamela is a big city loving fine art photographer who enjoys various genres of photography, especially macro work. She lives in Cleveland, TN with her high school sweetheart and husband, Rondall, and their five children. She can usually be bribed with homemade peanut butter cookies.

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