Reynoso Art: Walking to the Light


fall leaves and light

Walking to the Light

This morning as my dog and I were on our morning jaunt, I happened upon a stem of leaves on the sidewalk with both color and lines which I found compelling. I have a friend, Shari Miller a fellow Master in The Arcanum, who creates wonderful contemplative images of organic matter. Her work, with its simplified compositions and beautiful light, has been tumbling around in my head for some time. It has challenged me to look even closer, still.

After I was done walking the dog, I traded him for my camera and revisited the stem of leaves. I took several different images exploring angles and the light.  Once back in Lightroom (my RAW photo editing software) I sorted through the handful of photos to see which ones I liked best of this experiment. While sorting and contemplating the merits of each image, I saw a metaphor for life contained within this one.

In life we walk along trying to head to the light. The light can be many different things, depending upon the person or situation, but generally speaking, we are hoping to head towards better things: a closer connection to God through our faith, fulfillment in our work and finances, education, whatever. From a distance, we see the light and we set a course for it. It’s alluring, its shiny, it’s beautiful. We are often quite excited to begin the journey!

You see, when the light is the most beautiful, the shadows are at their longest.

Sometimes, however, there appear obstacles between us and the light. There are struggles and, at times, dull and shadow filled places we must begrudgingly walk through as we continue on our journey. You see, when the light is the most beautiful, the shadows are at their longest. The shadows begin soft and then become darker over the rough terrain as we journey, forcing us to question if we are even headed towards the light at all, to question if we saw clearly at the outset, wondering if we will ever see clearly again, wondering if we will ever emerge from the murky uncertainty of the shadows which seem to surround us. But the shadows are important. They are often uncomfortable, they force us to contemplate and consider. They provide a place for quiet introspection, a place to struggle though our motives, our desires, our goals…our faith.

There is beauty on either side of the obstacles which create shadows in our lives just as there is beauty in the shadows, though it’s often seen in retrospect.

Keep walking but remain mindful to look for and accept the gifts that each stage of the journey brings for they are there, the question becomes will you choose to accept them?


“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.”  ~Jeremiah 17:7

Pamela Reynoso

Pamela is a big city loving fine art photographer who enjoys various genres of photography, especially macro work. She lives in Cleveland, TN with her high school sweetheart and husband, Rondall, and their five children. She can usually be bribed with homemade peanut butter cookies.

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