Summing up 2016… the obligatory top 10 list.

2016 has been a tough year for a lot of people. Whether it is politics or the numerous celebrity deaths, it has been a hard year for a lot of people. But, lets set that aside for a while and look at what has happened here on Faith on View.

There were 61 posts this year on Faith on View. Here were the Top 10 posts of the year.

  1. Louisiana College: Aguillard Fired!– Some of the greatest traffic that Faith on View receives is when we cover the happenings at Louisiana College. It is a long crazy story if you want to read about a dark side of conservative Christian higher education.
  2. 2016 Christian College Rankings– The 2016 Faith on View Christian College Rankings were published just a couple of days ago but they are already one of the most popular posts of the year.
  3. Louisiana College: Aguillard No More– This was a follow-up to the previous Louisiana College article.
  4. Why conservatives should vote for Bernie Sanders– From all the way back in January, this article explores why the issues Bernie Sanders advocates should be important to conservatives also.
  5. Louisiana College: Trustee gives Apology for Probation– Another article about Louisiana College where a Trustee admits some failures.
  6. Christian Democrat: Free Stuff You Didn’t Pay For…The Heart of the Gospel– A look at political policy in light of the Gospel.
  7. My freedoms are more important than your life– A musing on the epidemic of gun violence in the United States.
  8. Let’s Just Admit it, Evangelicals Love Trump– During the primaries there were a lot of evangelicals who contrary to evidence were trying to argue that evangelicals weren’t actually supporting Trump.
  9. What’s So Hard About Being An Adult With Autism?– This is a reflection by Pamela on having an adult autistic child.
  10. Confessions of a Bernie Sanders Supporter on the Day After– This is a really dated post; but, it reflects how I felt the day after Bernie Sander’s lost the primaries.


Posts that were popular this year but written in a previous year:

  1. I’m an Evangelical Democrat and I’m Coming Out… Politically Speaking– This was an extremely popular post where I explore my political leanings which are rather different than many evangelicals.
  2. A Christian Democrat? Here’s why…– This was a popular follow-up to the previous article which explains more of my thinking.
  3. Philosophy for Theology: Virtue and Duty Ethics– This popular post explores the difference between virtue ethics and duty ethics.
  4. Why Do We Sing? Hymns and Contemporary Christian Music in the Church– A popular rumination by Pamela.
  5. Philosophy for Theology: Aesthetics and Theology– Aesthetics and Theology overlap more than we often realize. This post explores some of what we can learn theologically from aesthetics.



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