Navigating the shift: Hispanic Americans and Evangelical faith

Hispanic Americans hold a parade and fiesta at St. Procopius Elementary School in Chicago to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

(ANALYSIS) I read a story a few weeks ago in the Free Press that had an
intriguing title, “Latinos are flocking to evangelical Christianity.” The
piece was an excerpt from a book called “Latinoland: A Portrait of
America’s Largest and Least Understood Minority.” The book is based on over
200 interviews with Hispanics from all facets of American society in order
to develop a clearer picture of what Hispanic culture looks like in the
United States.

To those who knock

In this dusk long exposure image taken in De Queen, AK, several old buildings with brick facades sit on the side of a street with streaked headlights of cars on the roads.

It was May of 2014 and I was staying Memorial Day weekend at All Saints of America Orthodox Church in De Queen, AR. I woke up early Saturday morning to take a day trip. I …

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Between two worlds

Image shows a pastel and acrylic abstract painting in colors of red, blue and green.

I grew up on a small ranch in Northern California. My mother, who was raised in rural Tennessee and loved the land, took care of the ranch and home. My father was an Appellate Court …

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