A God big enough for bacteria

Painting of Atlas holding up the celestial globe

The railway forest is changing with the seasons. I recently took a walk through it, now that the bugs have died down enough that I probably won’t get West Nile Virus. Most of the forest …

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Would Jesus unfriend them on Facebook?

Would Jesus unfriend them on Facebook? What a silly fruitless question… maybe. Recently, I was challenged on the issue of love. I think this is something that is actually good for us all to go …

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Easter: Where is the Gravitas?

Easter is the most Holy of all holidays for the Christian. It is the day that we remember Christ rising from the dead, displaying his victory over sin and reconciling sinful humanity with the Holy …

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Who is Mary Magdalene?

After a recent archeological dig which discovered “remnants of a first-century synagogue” in Magdala, ChurchLeader’s Yonat Shimron, connects the remains to the history of Mary Magdalene. Headlines about the temple discovery read: “2nd-Temple-period synagogue found …

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It’s the Logos not the Word.

The comment below came across my Twitter and it struck me… but, not in a good way. “The Holy Spirit does not use movies. He uses whatever Scripture is in those movies. The film, itself, …

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Why Jesus movies suck

So why is it so hard to make a good Jesus movie? After all, the story of Jesus is the greatest story over told. Why is it so hard to make a good story out …

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