Baylor University holds 72-hour prayer event

Black and white image shows two people's hands a forearms. The people are holding hands resting on a bible that is open on a table top.

Baylor University recently hosted its FM72 event which enabled faculty, students and staff to pray and worship for 72 successive hours. The Baptist Christian university, located in Waco, Texas, held its annual prayer event from …

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The Religious White

Some of my earliest memories are filled with images of Pentecostal worship—from both above and beneath the pews, as I often slept under them during worship services. For most of my life, I’ve enjoyed preferred …

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Contemporary vicarious worship

A crowd at a concert is shown from the back.

I’ve been thinking about issues of music and contemporary worship in church for years. I’m not a musician. I did play the piano and clarinet as a child but neither stuck. I’ve also been in …

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