The Reader

“The Reader” by Guillaume Desachy


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying my wife, Pamela, on a photo walk in the Santa Cruz area. There were three parts to the walk. The first was in a redwood forest in the hills. Then, after lunch, the group went to a beach and cliffs and stayed until the evening for sunset shots. Finally, the group ended the evening with some street shooting in downtown Santa Cruz. In all, it was a good time. Since I am not a photographer, I spent my morning in the Redwoods a little differently. I spent it reading Beauty:  A Very Short Introduction by Roger Scruton. If you have never read aesthetics, especially on the subject of beauty, in a redwood forest surrounded by 2000-year-old trees then I highly recommend it. One of the first spots where I sat down to read was on a bench along the walking path. That is where this picture was taken by Guillaume Desachy.

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