What is public reaction to the retirement of President Joe Aguillard?

Dr. Aguillard in his office
Dr. Aguillard in his office

There havebeen some very emotional reactions to the actions taken by the Louisiana College Board of Trustees yesterday when they forces the retirement of Joe Aguillard but at the same time names him President Emeritus. I am very curious as to the broad perception of their actions. Please vote. Let me and the world know what most reflects your feelings about yesterday’s events. Check all that apply and if I am missing an option leave a comment.


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  • Fritha Dinwiddie says:

    I voted for #3 but only because I replaced wise with shrewd. Reading it that way, I thought it was the best answer.

    In no way do I think wisdom guides the BoT! :o)

  • Anonymous says:

    There are so many options one could put, but I have no idea how I would word them. Louisiana College is on the brink of shutting down the doors within the next 5 years (if not sooner) if they don’t find a replacement who can bring vitality back to the institution. Here’s what happened in the decision from the Board.

    1. The reason the title “President Emeritus” was given to Aguillard is because of one man: Tommy French. What did his church, Jefferson Baptist, do when he retired? Rewarded him with the title “Pastor Emeritus” (although there wasn’t nearly as much controversy as there is at LC). Who led most of the process in finding the next pastor at Jefferson Baptist? Well, that would be the Pastor Emeritus- it’s one of the main reasons it took so long to find the next pastor.
    What does that mean for LC? It means that Aguillard will still have a voice in who the next president will be. Not only that, but he will believe that because he has the title “Emeritus” he will want to play a “mentoring” role to the next president. This is why LC and the Board of Trustees will have an impossible task ahead of them: no one with a proven track record at the university level will want to come into this type of situation, which means one of two things: A.) The interim president will become the new president, or B.) The Board of Trustees will have to hire someone with no experience leading as a president of a university.

    2.) Louisiana College had to make this decision based on the impending lawsuits on Aguillard. So, instead of having integrity, they honor the man who hasn’t just ruined the school in his tenure, but will continue to ruin it as an Emeritus and grad professor! Nervousness in the process from the Board led to stupidity and laughable decisions that will come back to haunt them.

    3.) They had to do SOMETHING to cover their tracks. Only way to do this? Honor and longevity.

    All LBC churches need to come up with a date to address this at the LBC Headquarters.
    Students, Alumnae, previous professors, current professors, anyone with any desire for LC needs to find a date this summer to go to the LBC building and express your desire for CHANGE. A change in the board! How is a retired pastor the CHAIRMAN of the board?!?!

    All LBC churches need to exit the LBC in droves. NOW is the time!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that it is a shame that Joe Aguillard is getting away again with the things he has done. He is an evil man. He looks out for no one but himself. The board members that voted not to keep him as president, better watch out….he gets even with anyone that crosses him….I am sure he will spend his year of paid sabbatical leave plotting ways to get even with any and all that did not give him their support….in the end though, Joe Aguillard will get what he deserves….God isn’t blind and he knows all and sees all…..Joe will have to stand before Him one day and answer to all that he has done here on earth…

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