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Satanic Church co-founder in South Africa embraces Jesus

The reported co-founder of a South African Satanic movement and South African Satanic Church’s former reverend Riaan Swiegelaar has left Satanism following an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Swiegelaar shared his decision of leaving Satanism on Facebook on July 4.

Faithwire reports that Swiegelaar said that while performing a Satanic ritual, Jesus came to him and filled his heart with profound love and energy. It happened a week after he was hugged by a Christian woman who showered the same kind of love on him.

In mid-May, Swiegelaar gave his last interview as a member of the SASC on the CapeTalk radio station. Following the interview, a woman working for the station, whose name he would not reveal, came to him and demonstrated God’s love in an unexpected way.

“I told her, ‘I don’t believe in Jesus and I don’t believe Jesus Christ exists’ because I didn’t. She came to me after the interview, after I said that and she hugged me and she held me in a way that I’ve never been loved,” Swiegelaar said.

“That’s all she did. She just said it was nice to meet me in person. A week later, on WhatsApp, through her status, I saw this woman is a Christian. I’ve never had a Christian do that,” he stated. “I’ve never experienced a Christian show that much love and acceptance unconditionally … after I said the things I said, she did that. That stayed with me.”

A week later, Swiegelaar was performing a satanic ritual by himself which he said was geared towards gaining more power and influence as a Satanist.

“I did this ritual and I opened myself up and Jesus appeared and I was extremely cocky and I said, ‘if you are Jesus, you need to prove it.’ And He flooded me with the most beautiful love and energy and I recognized it immediately because that woman at the radio station showed it to me. That’s how I recognized the love of Christ.”

Swiegelaar said that he did not consider himself worthy of receiving God’s love because he is gay. Following his encounter with Jesus, he says that he regularly talks to God.

Swiegelaar said he didn’t think he was worthy of God’s love because he has been living a gay life. For the past month, he has been having “real conversations with God, and the Kingdom of God is not a gated community, it is open to everybody.”

He concluded the video by assuring his followers that he will be posting material that he’s written recently about his connection with Christ.

The Satanic Church of South Africa confirmed Swiegelaar’s resignation and thanked him for his contribution.

“We, as the SASC Council, want to thank Swiegalaar for his contribution, both as the pastor and the co-founder of the SA Satanic Church. We wish him success in all his future endeavors.”

Read the full article here.

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