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Art & Faith Articles

Below is a list of Art & Faith articles. This list is ever-growing. If you have any suggestions of articles to add to this your suggestions are appreciated. An asterisk (*) indicates that a subscription is required to read the article.

Introductory Articles

A Letter to Young Artists  by Makoto Fujimura
A Profound Weakness by Betty Spackman interview
Art, Philosophy and Worldview by  H.R. Rookmaaker
Freedom & Responsibility of Artist by  Calvin Seerveld
Imagination: An Other Avenue to Truth by Luci Shaw
Looking at Paintings by  Chris Cuthill
New Insights through Art by  Jeremy Begbie
Reintegration of Word and Image by  Colin Harbinson
The Good, True and Beautiful by  Philip Ryken
Using the Piquant Arts Set by  Elria Kwant
What is Art? by  Laurel Gasque
What is Visual Art? by  H.R. Rookmaaker

Christianity and Culture

Calvinism and Culture by Irving Hexham
Christianity and Culture (Audio)- by  H.R. Rookmaaker
Critical Zone by Wes Hurd
Culture Care by Alexandra Harper
Sensuality and Spirituality: unholy alliance or creational remembrance? The Art of Deborah Keiller by Geoff Hall
Working in the Gap by Steve Scott

Christianity and Art

Abstraction and the Christian Faith by Makoto Fujimura
Address by Pope Benedict XVI November 2009

Art from a Christian Point of View by Beat Rink
Art with Missional Intent in Paris by Steve Thrall
Artist´s Freedom & Responsibility by Calvin Seerveld
Cultural Guidelines for Artists by Calvin Seerveld
Does Art Need Justification? by H.R. Rookmaaker
Ed Knippers and Use of the Nude in Art by D. Hatton
Good Depictions of God by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker
Interview with Calvin Seerveld by Comment Magazine
Jesus Christ: The Bare Naked Truth by Marisa Martin
Kuyper´s Ideas on Art and Religion
 by Peter Heslam
Letter to Artists 1999 by Pope John Paul II
No Time Like Now; on Truth and Art by Steve Scott
Norms for Art and Art Education? by H.R. Rookmaaker
Nudity or Clothes? by Edward Knippers
Planting Seeds, Spreading Flames by Steve Scott
Play Time by Betty Spackman
Redeeming the Arts by Lausanne World Evangelization
Restoring the Arts to the Church by Colin Harbinson
Silent Witness by Laurel Gasque
The Bible is not Safe by Ned Bustard
The Christian and Art by H.R. Rookmaaker
The Church Gives Contemporary Art Its Blessing by Judith Harris
The Vocation of the Artist by Sandra Bowden
Ut pictura poesis? by Bruce Herman
Why Art Matters, Even on 9/11 by Makoto Fujimura

Art in the Church

Chapel in Louvain-La-Neuve by Koenraad De Wolf
Christ in Hackney by Marc Cazalet by John Pridmore
Church installation by Dayton Castleman
Emmaus Mosaic by John Piper by Jonathan Evens
Installation by Madeleine Dietz by Patrik Scherrer
Meditation cloth by Solomon Raj by Jojanneke Dekker
New memorial Places in Dutch Churches by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker
Release by Olga Lah - Edward Yang
Tapestry by Janpeter Muilwijk by Willemijn Peene
Year Column by Dietrich Stalmann by Patrik Scherrer

Contemporary Art and Culture

Engaging With Our Divided Culture (High and Low Culture) by David Porter
No Time Like Now, on Truth and Art by Steve Scott
Not all religious art is made by believers by Adrienne Chaplin
On The Strange Place of Contemporary Art by Jeremie Begby
Religion Is Alive and Well in Contemporary Art by S. Brent Plate
The Future of Conceptual Art by Adrienne Chaplin
The Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art by Theodore Prescott, Bruce Herman, James Romaine, Bruce Ellis Benson, and James Elkins

Art History

*A Renaissance Gallery: Five artists who captured the imagination of the church by Rachel Smith
About the content of medieval works of art by H.R. Rookmaaker
Art of the 15th Century by H.R. Rookmaaker
Art as Spiritual Perception Review by Adrienne Chaplin
Art Sacré in France: Matisse, Chagall, Cocteau by Jonathan Evens
Art: Seeing through the eyes of faith by Nigel Halliday
Baroque Art by H.R. Rookmaaker
Good Depictions of God by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker
Matter of Life and Death: Damien Hirst and Liviu Mocan by Christopher Watkin
Norms for Art and Art Education? by H.R. Rookmaaker
On Nudity by H.R. Rookmaaker
Philosophy and Art: Pieter Bruegel by H. Rookmaaker
Principles of nineteenth-century art by H.R. Rookmaaker
Review of 'The sacred made real: Spanish painting and sculpture 1600–1700´ at the National Gallery, London, 2010 by Nigel Halliday
*Scripture on the Ceiling: Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel make a profound statement about the creation story—and the artist's own creativity by James Romaine
Seventeenth-century Dutch art: Christian art? by H.R. Rookmaaker
Spirituality and/in 20th-Century Art by Jonathen Evens
The Spirituality of the Artist-Clown. The significance of the clown in the life and work of Albert Houthuesen by Jonathan Evens
The Bible of the Poor by Laurel Gasque
The Christian Art Historian by John Walford
The Impressionists by H.R. Rookmaaker
The Influence of the Reformation on Art by H.R. Rookmaaker
The Theme of Naked Truth by David L. Hatton
The Visibility of the Invisible: Renaissance Art and the Mediation of Belief by John Walford
Window on the World (both parts) by Margaret Wilson
Theme, style and motif in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by H.R. Rookmaaker
Truth in Stone and Marble: The early church developed a visual language to express their faith in art by Jennifer Hevelone-Harper


Advent, Art and Receptivity by Wesley Vander Lugt
Creativity and Depression by Betty Spackman
Imprint: The Thumbprint on the Clay by Luci Shaw
The Biblical Doctrine of Creativity (Audio) by Jerram Barrs