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Directory of Christian Art & Faith Organizations

For almost half a century Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) was the premier non-profit organization. CIVA was a tremendous resource for individual artists who sought to engage the visual arts from a Christian worldview. The organization empowered the visual artist whether a professional artist, a professor at a Christian college, or a dedicated amateur, to produce fine arts that reflected serious faith. Sadly, in 2023 CIVA ceased operation. There are currently no single national artist groups that fill the gap left by CIVA but the organizations below are important parts of the contemporary art & faith movement.

Art & Christian Inquiry (ACE)- This British organization connects clergy, academics, and artists internationally to study and promote the engagement of art with the church and theology.

Art + Christianity- Art and Christianity seeks to foster and explore the dialogue between art, Christianity and other religious faiths. Through events, publications and consultation, they offer: 1) education, enquiry, and exchange with regard to the relationship between art and faith; 2) collaboration and partnership with galleries, art institutions, and places of worship; 3) advocacy for and advice on commissioning works of art; and 4) awareness-raising of the diversity of historical and contemporary art in churches

Art and Sacred Spaces- London. Art and Sacred Spaces commissions exciting and innovative work from contemporary artists for sacred places Stimulates creative dialogue about the meaning for humanity of such encounters Widens vision through educational interaction.

The Art Evangelist- We seek to utilize the sacred space as a means to fill art education and spiritual communication gaps.  Overwhelming research points to the positive impact a strong art background can have on our community development and overall life’s enrichment.  One of the easiest ways to fill that void is through exposure to religious architecture, artifacts, and gardens.  We teach the history of art in the church and we illuminate artistic elements of light within.

Art House Dallas- Following in the footsteps of Art House America, Art House Dallas works to cultivate creativity for the common good. This work is done through our programs, curated events, community partnerships, and artist care in order to inspire everyone to live more imaginative, meaningful lives. Through nurturing a creative community of people who learn, grow, and create together, we believe good things result -- good things meant for all. In 2016, Art House Dallas will open a new facility in Dallas to serve as an incubator for imagination as well as provide a physical location for artists to connect and create together.

Artists in Christian Testimony International (ACT)- A.C.T. Intl is a Ministry to and for artistic & innovative ministries and missionaries doing Christian work around the world. We are helping the Church embrace artists and the arts for Christ’s work worldwide, and it seems now, we are the largest ministry in the world focusing on this task. Artists in Christian Testimony Intl's ultimate objective is to see people around the world—as they come to Christ—worship God and express their faith in their own language and cultural style, while mobilizing and training church and mission leaders to more effectively worship and communicate the Gospel through music and the arts.

Arts Centre Group (ACG)- Based in London, England is an association of individuals involved in the arts, media, and entertainment who strive to integrate their faith with their creative activities.

Arts for Relief & Missions- Arts for Relief and Missions uses the arts and music for ministry in the U.S. and abroad, and equips believers as ambassadors by building Christian character in the light of God's truth. We exist to assist the Church in her mission to reach our world with the good news of the Gospel. We exist to teach how as Christians we are to live in the light of the inspired, inerrant, Holy Word of God. And we exist to see the smiling face of our Lord Jesus when He says, "Well done!"

Arts with a Mission- AWAM combines artistry with ministry to affirm, equip and release artists to bring the message of hope to the nations of the world. Although ARTrageous and AWAM International’s headquarters are located in East Texas, Our work reaches across the States and around the World:  Dallas, Chicago, Hollywood, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Mexico, Norway and beyond..

ARTS+- ARTS+ is an European art organization that focuses on the connection of arts and the church.

Asian Christian Art Association (ACAA)- The Asian Christian Arts Association or the ACAA was established in Bali on August 1978, when Christian artists and theologians from all over Asia met, exchanged ideas and inspired each other. Since its conception ACAA has been publishing the magazine: Image- Christ and Art in Asia, which also served as a means of communication for the members who are scattered around the world.

Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space (ACLS)- The Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space is a membership organization dedicated to the creation of worthy spaces for faith communities. ACLS members are liturgical consultants, artists, architects, and other professionals. They come from a variety of fields and backgrounds including the arts, art history, architecture, education, liturgy, and pastoral work. They are passionate about and active in the ministry of church art and architecture. Association members are committed to using an interdisciplinary and collaborative process with a spiritual foundation; engaging the best consultants, designers, and artisans available; creating imaginative liturgical environments that balance tradition with vision; and providing mutual, professional support.

The Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (ASCHA)- The Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (ASCHA) is dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of scholarship examining the historical and contemporary relationship between Christianity and the visual arts. ASCHA is dedicated to examining problems that confront the field by identifying scholarly needs and fostering opportunities for the presentation and publication of new scholarship in a safe and respectful environment. ASCHA is a forum for the advancement of research, dialogue, and collaboration in the area of Christianity and the visual arts.

Awakening Artists- Awakening Artists' vision is pretty simple. We just want to make a difference in people's lives through creative expression. The Loft Studio offers a safe, creative space where one can learn to explore and express themselves through various art mediums.

The By/For Project- By/For strengthens ties between artists through shared workspace, communal meals and group dialogue during multi-week residencies. By/For provides a conduit for churches and other faith-based groups to support artists through project patronage and hosting the art and artists in their community during an extended art tour. The digital artifacts of By/For projects are licensed by the artists under Creative Commons and made available on this site, allowing the art to be readily accessible worldwide.

Catholic Artists Society- Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI’s call to artists to be “custodians of Beauty” and “heralds and witnesses of Hope to humanity,” the Catholic Artists Society is an association of artists and media professionals dedicated to working for the greater glory of God and the common good.

Christian Artists Network- Christian Artists is an International Association, forming a network of over 100 organizations. It started in the sixties with the Continental Singers, traveling through so many nations and giving impulses for creative and spiritual renewal. That resulted in the beginning of the annual Christian Artists Seminar.

Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA)- Christians face unique challenges — and opportunities — when working in the theatre. Christians In Theatre Arts (CITA) has been organized to give Christians a world-wide support network of other believers who are also theatre artists. Whether you’re leading or participating in a church drama ministry, or teaching at a high school or college, or working in the professional theatre; whether you’re a performer, director, designer or playwright, CITA is dedicated to serving you!

The Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers-  CFAMC seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and help build His kingdom by encouraging the work and witness of Christian composers of symphonic and chamber music, opera, and other concert works. We pray that believers will embrace our musical integrity because of our Christian witness, and that our commitment to musical excellence will allow us to bring our Christian witness to the wider art music world. Located throughout the United States and abroad, CFAMC members are professional and academic composers (faculty and students), avocational composers, church musicians interested in art music, and other individuals who support the CFAMC mission and want to be involved in our activities. Among these, CFAMC is pleased include a number of Honorary Members, including composer James MacMillan and musician/theologian Jeremy Begbie.

Chrysalis Seed Trust- The vision of Chrysalis Seed is to 'generate multiplying groups of artists in a subculture centred in Jesus'.  Its mission is to ‘equip artists to integrate their art and faith, and to reconcile art and faith communities’. This will continue even though the structure and operations of Chrysalis Seed as a Trust have finished. We are confident that God will multiply the work and vision of Chrysalis Seed, without the organisation itself. A grass roots movement will continue to emerge as fresh shoots sprouting out of the tree stump. Artists and activists are continuing to build on the foundations we have built in the last 14 years.

The Conference on Christianity and Literature- CCL is open to all who are interested in its purposes and programs. Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly journal, Christianity and Literature, and information about conferences and other functions sponsored by CCL's seven regional organizations.

Creative Arts Europe- Creative Arts Europe is a network of artists and art lovers who aspire to enrich their society through the arts. We recognise the significance and value of art in culture and carry a concern for artists and their well being. We are also committed to investing in the next generation of young people, helping them to embrace their significance as history makers of tomorrow...

Crescendo- Crescendo is a Christian movement of and with professional musicians and music students - and other artists. We are cooperating with cultural institutions and all Christian churches. Founded in 1985, Crescendo operates in the meantime worldwide. The international office is in Basel, Switzerland. Crescendo is part of the Swiss interdenominational movement (and association) Campus für Christus / Agape Europe / Cru.

Dixon Studio- Churches should be beautiful! It is not a question of form versus function: the function of a church is to be beautiful, to inspire mortals to aspire to immortality, to invite the divine to dwell within, to shut out the secular world and reveal a space in which to celebrate the sacred.Dixon studio offers complete design services for building or renovating, the studio offers custom and catalog, new and used appointments and furnishings for your church.

Episcopal Church Visual Arts- ECVA values the significance of visual imagery in spiritual formation and the development of faith, and encourages those who are engaged in using the visual arts in spiritual life. Primary to our mission is the acknowledgment and support of a community of artists who work at the intersections of art and faith.

Ex Creatis Arts Initiative- Saddleback Visual Arts. Ex Creatis is a community-focused arts initiative in alliance with Saddleback Church. Saddleback has a history of changing lives in radical fashion under pastor Rick Warren’s leadership.

Eyekons- Eyekons is a creative resource of art inspired by spiritual insight and religious belief. We feature contemporary artists who explore themes of spirituality, religion and social justice. Our website is a multi-tiered online marketplace that offers media professionals, publishers, pastors, youth ministers and art buyers, a source for original art created from uniquely spiritual perspectives.

Faith Artists- Located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex, Faith Artists seeks to create visual art that glorifies GOD, to share truth in fresh ways, to promote visual arts with the body of Christ, and to mainstream biblically inspired art for the ages in the world.

Foundation for the Sacred Arts- The Foundation for Sacred Arts is a Catholic nonprofit organization founded to stimulate a vibrant renewal in the patronage and production of Christian sacred arts (art, architecture, and music); and to advance the pursuit of excellence in conformity with truth, goodness, and beauty in these arts; for the glory of God, the life of His Church, and the transformation of culture.

Foundation for Spirituality in the Arts- The Foundation for Spirituality and the Arts is dedicated to providing much needed support for the creation and dissemination of spiritually informed art and its discourse. FSA explores how the contemporary arts engage with spiritual traditions through a variety of disciplines and practices. FSA endeavors to build on contributions from those who have doubts and questions, those who have reservations and deep concerns, and those who have strongly held beliefs and convictions. The Foundation's strength depends on thoughtful participation in a spirit of openness and fellowship.

FreeForm- Welcome to the on-line home of Freeform. We are a group of Christ-following artists who are trying to create a community of like-minded people who want to engage creatively, sensitively and intelligently with all matters of faith, life and the arts.

The Grove Center for Arts & Media- The Grove Center for the Arts & Media exists to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists.  Our vision is to see Christ in culture through the arts & media. We're not out to "change" culture. We want to do what God already does really well... create. We also believe the Church (at least here in America) has long-overlooked the importance of the arts. We know there's a lot of crass art in our culture that makes a lot of people angry. We get that. But let's be honest: There is a ton of really poor "Christian" religious art that is, well...terrible. It's kitschy. Preachy propaganda that doesn't reflect the true biblical story.

Grünewald Guild- The mission of the Grünewald Guild is to welcome and inspire all who seek to explore the relationships between art, faith & community. Grünewald Guild is a community welcoming all as artists, from the hopeful to the accomplished, to explore vital connections and expressions of art and faith. We encourage the exploration of the depth and breadth of one’s essential beliefs and dynamic purpose through a wide variety of art. Participation in Guild programs has inspired and enthused many to return to their homes, communities, and places of work and worship to live more compassionately and authentically in service to a world desperately in need. Grünewald Guild serves as a creative and innovative example to spiritual communities and the world of the transformative power of art and the sacred in the context of community.

ImageImage was founded to demonstrate the continued vitality and diversity of contemporary art and literature that engage with the religious traditions of Western culture. Now one of the leading literary journals published in English, it is read all over the world—and forms the nexus of a warm and active community. However, Image is more than just a journal. They also sponsor events including the Glenn Workshop which is an innovative and enriching program combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a conference. Image also offers online resources including classes and fellowships.

Imago- Engaging artists and the arts for the glory of God. Imago fosters the growth and spiritual development of Christian artists in the City of Houston.Catalyze and promote the arts and art-making as vital components of the Christian faith.

Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture- A part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA) Knowledge Community encourages and supports excellence in the design of worship spaces and their accoutrements. The IFRAA Knowledge Community is an association of professionals whose primary interest is religious facilities in a broad array of traditions. We value an interfaith forum for the exchange of ideas relating to religion, art, and architecture.

International Arts Movement (IAM)- IAM acts as a hub for connecting creative minds from all over the globe, IAM is able to inspire, train and influence participants to contribute to a healthy culture. With a focus on beauty and generosity, and guided by a cultural history informed by faith, IAM brings a refreshing approach to affecting many aspects of culture, including the arts, business stewardship, education, etc. Conferences and gatherings of the greater IAM community take place around the world. The IAM community extends across the United States, to India, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.

Intervarsity Arts Ministry- Our mission as the InterVarsity National Arts Ministry is to help university artists find ways to connect their art, life, and faith- to develop creative communicators that help change the world.

Laity Lodge- Laity Lodge is an ecumenical Christian retreat center established in 1961 in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Scholars, theologians, musicians, artists, and guests from all walks of life gather in our outpost along the Frio River for the purpose of encouraging and renewing the laity – the people of God. Slowly, but surely, we aim to recover a sense of the sacred: God at work, in and among us, in the most ordinary of activities.

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, Engaging with Culture- Culture; it's a surprisingly small word for such a big concept. It encompasses the usual suspects, of course - the art we create, the music we make, the books we write, the magazines we read, the buildings we construct and the technology we develop. And atLICC they are working to understand all these things through the lens of a biblical worldview. But culture also includes so much more besides. Read their full introduction to engaging with culture or watch the introductory video.

Masterpiece Ministries- Music. Film. Dance. Theater. Painting. Writing. Graphic Design. The impact of the creative world on our culture is irrefutable. The arts stretch our imagination and know few boundaries. However, sometimes there can be a chasm of acceptance and understanding between the church and those wonderfully complex humans we call artists. Gordon and Sherrie Rogers have worked with young people for over 50 years through church youth ministries, Sherrie’s adolescent and family therapy practice, and through the open door of their home. Over the years, they discovered that young artists, who often do not fit in well with church-sponsored youth programs that emphasize physical recreation, can become discouraged. To close that gap, they founded Masterpiece Ministries in 1995.

Mission Minded Artist- The Mission Minded Artist (MMA) is a sending organization for artistic people. The current strategy is on the use of black gospel music as a medium for evangelism and ministry training for gospel musicians. Their current relationships center in Poland, Egypt Central American and India.

Montage International- Montage International exists to challenge and train the church and its artists to embrace the arts in worship, spiritual formation, and mission. The vision of Montage International will be accomplished through the mentoring and discipleship of artists; training for cross-cultural effectiveness; writing for publication in appropriate journals and books; and speaking in conferences, churches and organizations for artists.

The Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre for Art and Spirituality- The Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre for Art and Spirituality promotes visual and performing arts, organizes educational programs, and facilitates ecumenical exchange. Via Sacra, home of the Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre in Barga, Italy, provides a context for reflection and discussion about faith and creativity, contemplation and communication, liturgy and beauty.

New Renaissance Arts Movement- This site and the NR arts movement were designed to Connect, Equip and Inspire Churches and Artists for the New Renaissance. We intend to do this by providing original content, sharing content from leaders in the arts, and by acting as a portal to cutting edge resources from other organizations.

Oakton Foundation- Seeking to advance the Kingdom of God by lifting up the good, the true, and the beautiful through cultural renewal, and caring for the world’s poor and defenseless.

OM Arts International- OM works in over 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God’s love with people all over the world. OM seeks to help and strengthen churches, especially in areas of the world where Christ is least known. OM Arts International is a specialist ministry within the body of OM, engaging people with the Gospel through different types of art forms, such dance, music theatre and the visual arts.

Poatina Arts- Poatina Arts is a vibrant arts collective located in the picturesque village of Poatina, Tasmania, on the edge of the Great Western Tiers world conservation area.  Our vision is to be a thriving hive of inspired creativity, where people can come alive. The collective incorporates the recently completed Alethea Mountain Retreat Arts Centre, an integral part of the inspiring framework which is home for a small colony of resident and visiting artists, studios, workshops, and other events that attract 100’s of artists and visitors from around the globe each year. Our regular events include the multi-discipline Faith and the Arts Summer School  held each January, and the Poatina Artists’ Retreat held each July.  There is also an annual Short Film Festival in November.  Our Artist in Residence Program operates throughout the year and is open to all visual and performing artists.

Poiema Visual Arts- Poiema Visual Arts is a Pennsylvania-based ministry infrastructure facilitating discipleship, education, and community for Christian visual artists.

Second SpringSecond Spring Oxford is a family business run by Leonie, Teresa, and Stratford Caldecott in the service of the Catholic community. Among other things, it offers a Summer School in Oxford for overseas students in association with The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire, USA, and through the same college publishes an illustrated Catholic journal of faith and culture called Second Spring, which is dedicated to the search for truth, goodness, and beauty.

Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies (SARTS)- Welcome to the online home of the Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies, an academic society of scholars, clergy, and artists interested in the interrelationships among theology, religious studies, spirituality, and the arts. Ours is an organization that purposefully sits at the crossroads of a variety of interests—scholarly, artistic, and pedagogical—with the intention of fostering collaboration among them to support advanced scholarship, artistic ministries, and engaged classrooms. We are a related scholarly organization of the AAR/SBL, and enjoy an annual meeting in conjunction with the AAR.

Spark & Echo- Spark and Echo Arts creates and commissions a work of art, music, theater, poetry, dance or film in response to every passage of the Bible. We engage visual, performing, and literary artists from a diversity of styles and backgrounds, working in the top of their field. We seek a balance of artists deeply familiar with the Bible and artists who have not yet explored it, showcasing their work in our online gallery and at live events.

StoneWorks- StoneWorks is a global arts initiative for cultural restoration and the recovery of the imagination in the life and mission of the church. It exists to articulate a global vision for Christians in the arts, to clarify the biblical and theological mandate for the arts, to affirm what artists are sensing that God is doing through the arts around the world, and to call Christians to be a part of it. StoneWorks gathers Christian arts leaders, innovators, and culture shapers in the spheres of the church, the marketplace, the academy, and missions, in order to mentor and encourage them to partner together and share resources.

The Wayfarer Trust- The Wayfarer Trust works with people in the arts and media to provide strong encouragement and powerful creative and spiritual inspiration. We have a deep hope for our culture and for our world. But the challenges of the present time are immense, particularly for those working on the front-line of communication in all its forms. We aim to nurture people who can be ambassadors of hope and whose lives, distinguished by creative and spiritual integrity, can have a great impact for good on our societies.

Wildgoose Festival- It’s hard to sum up in a few words. They try, when they say things like: it’s a 4-day Spirit, Justice, Music and Arts Festival. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a place where all kinds of people come together. It’s transformational & experiential. It is a place where all are welcome. Seriously, ALL.

The Worship Studio- Ashville, North Carolina. The Worship Studio vision is to encourage and equip all creatives to be a part of the army of artists God is raising up to reveal His Glory in the earth.  They do this by hosting conferences and retreats, the development of resources and encouraging artists to form creative communities committed to fostering personal wholeness, engaging the Holy Spirit in their creative process, artistic skill development and releasing the Glory of God through creative expression.