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We cover a lot of subjects here on Faith on View. But, as we have worked to define ourselves over the years we realized that there is a simple commonality to what we do. We help Christians live and love in the tension of faithThis messy beautiful life of faith that Christians walk often requires us to lean into existential questions which challenge us. If we are living a life of faith there is always a tension between the principles that guide us an our lived experience. We are here to share our walks and struggles in this life as we seek to live and love faithfully.

Living and Loving in the Tension of Faith

If you are like most of our readers you are passionate- passionate about your work, your creativity, your life, your family, and your faith. You also likely think a little, maybe a lot, outside the box. We, like those who read this site, often want to look at the world from a slightly different angle.

There is a quote that our founder, Rondall Reynoso, loves which he puts on all his syllabi Christian universities:

“There are two kinds of people in the world. There’s philosophers and drug addicts. And, Christianity is the drug of choice for a lot of people.”
-Jack Crabtree

The drug addicts are those who are looking for the next high, spiritual, or otherwise. In a Christian context, these folks believe spiritual maturity is about being better and better at maintaining that high. Of course, what this often means is that people get better and better at deceiving themselves because life isn’t all roses and puppy dogs.

This site is for philosophers. Being a philosopher isn’t, in this context, about esoteric knowledge. It is about seeking to live in consonance with reality. We love God not because he is the source of a spiritual high but because He is true. We believe what we believe not because it makes us feel good but because we believe it is true. We seek Truth.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Your perspective is often slightly different from those around you.
  • You question the conventional wisdom and assumptions.
  • You crave beauty.
  • You desire creativity.
  • You seek the truth, pleasant or not.

We Know How You Feel!

We, Rondall, Pamela, and the Contributing Authors, know how it feels to have questions and seek answers even when few others seem to be asking the same questions. We know how it feels to seek beauty and creativity in a church culture that doesn’t. We know the struggle of standing for truth when truth is all we have to stand on.

We are artists, creatives, and thinkers of faith. We seek to live with our Faith on View. But, Faith on View also speaks to art and the importance of aesthetics in the life of faith.

If you are like us. You want to grow closer to God and thus live in the Truth. Here we muse on art, faith, culture, and the pedestrian. Said another way. We muse about life and how to flourish- in an existential sense. We question and seek Truth.

"The Reader" by Guillaume Desachy
“The Reader” by Guillaume Desachy

Our Goal in Writing.

Through this website, we hope to make you think, question, and seek truth. We expect that you will disagree with us at times. Heck, sometimes we disagree with ourselves. But, we want you to know that you are not alone in your urge to question. You are not alone in your pursuit of truth…even if your pursuit seems different from many in your church. You are not alone in your love of beauty. You are not alone in your desire to create.

You are unique…but you are not alone.

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