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Rondall Reynoso

Four years ago today, I wrote an essay entitled, “A Time for Faith on View.” This essay wasn’t a call for people to read this website, though I think that is always a good idea. It certainly was a play on words with the name of this website, but also a play on words with what this website is all about. It was a sad day for me four years ago. After strongly opposing Donald Trump, he had won the election and was, on January 20th, 2016, being inaugurated into the office of the presidency. The idea that evangelicals

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In the 17th through 19th centuries the Grand Tour was a trip that young Europeans would take across Europe to experience the broader European Culture. It was seen as a crucial part of a person's education. Faith on View's tours of Italy, Paris, & London engage participants with Western Europe and Italy's greatest Christian monuments and pieces of art. Participants enjoy touring Paris & London, Italy, or all three. This is the most complete was to experience the history of art and the Christian faith in Europe.

Faith on View publishes the most comprehensive rankings of Christian Institutions of Higher Learning available. Each year, roughly 200 institutions are evaluated to provide help to students and parents with their college choices

Rondall speaks at churches, universities and other organizations on subjects related to art & faith. With Pamela, they also run workshops which bring art to the church and the community in a hands on way. Programming is appropriate for both congregations and as outreach.

Faith on View provides the most complete English language Art & Faith resource guide. Whether you want to find artists of faith, articles, books, museums, websites, journals, organizations, educational institutions, or more. Explore our resource guide to learn more about the beautiful world of art & faith.