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My husband and I met in high school and had shared classes in both Art and English. I find it a bit ironic that these connections continue to inform our relationship. My childhood largely consisted of me laying in the California sunshine, lost in the mystery of yet another book. Those were the days! :)

Within a few years of marrying, we moved with our two small children to New York City so my husband could continue his studies in art. I had always appreciated art but living in NYC awakened so much more than I ever imagined. Rondall often likens our time in NYC to the storyline in the movie “Sabrina”. It was in Paris that Sabrina ‘found herself’ and it was in New York City that we, as a couple and as individuals, found ourselves. We found the museums and galleries and the breadth of culture in NYC amazing and invigorating. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Though I was not a practicing artist at the time, I was soaking it all in, enjoying the conversation. My artistic sensibilities were being honed, not only through what I saw but through the life I was living being married to an artist and “deep thinker”. My husband is my dearest friend who also became my primary artistic mentor.

For most of our marriage, my time was largely consumed with caring for our five children, including homeschooling for thirteen years. Homeschooling was not in my plans, but one of my children, later diagnosed with Autism, needed it. Around 2011 I began to emerge from the fog of diapers and lack of sleep and began to pursue photography seriously. I was fortunate to apprentice with a couple of wedding photographers and a landscape photographer. I loved it all! I have always enjoyed the learning process and it continued as I worked to hone my skills in all things photography. I enjoyed photo walks in San Francisco and along the California coast with complete strangers, some of whom I now count as friends. I enjoyed volunteering for Help-Portrait by taking portraits for an underserved population.

 Our family moved to Eastern Tennessee shortly before the COVID pandemic. Soon after the move, I was fortunate to become a full-time college student once again. Gratefully, I graduated with a degree in public relations in December of 2021. Though I have not had as much time as I’d like for photography, I have managed to keep active photographing home dedications for my local Habitat for Humanity affiliate and working with my local church to create an image library for the historic building as well as photographing church events. When I can, I also pull out my camera to photograph the beauty of nature. I call macro photography my Zen.

My husband and I recently purchased a house that requires a fair amount of updating, so I’ve been enjoying the adventure which includes much painting and ceiling scraping. In a few short months, I’ve also unexpectedly had to learn how to renovate most of a bathroom mostly by myself. I’m not sure which I have enjoyed more, the detailed process of renovating or the fun new tools I had to purchase to do so!

My theology? Without Christ, I am nothing.

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