The Original Ranking of Top Christian Colleges!

The Faith on View Christian College Rankings ranks over 200 institutions that are distinctively Christian and have this commitment at the core of their educational philosophy. These rankings are the only comprehensive rankings of Christian Colleges and Universities available.

Best Christian Colleges

  1. University of Notre Dame
  2. Thomas Aquinas College
  3. Boston College
  4. St. Olaf College
  5. Baylor University
  6. Wheaton College
  7. Berea College
  8. More...

Since 2013 the Faith on View Christian College Rankings have been the most complete rankings of Christian institutions of higher education. But, they are still a work in progress. We are continuously seeking to identify appropriate institutions that are not currently included in the rankings and to make the rankings more thorough. Faith on View is always open to dialogue about how to improve these rankings in the future.

We hope that you find these rankings to be a helpful resource. Thank you!

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