Op-ed Authors

We also publish original opinion pieces on current events up to 1200 words. If you have an idea for an Op-ed piece you would like Faith on View Daily to consider please submit a 100-word pitch to Pamela Reynoso . No regular commitment is required of opinion authors. There is the potential to become a regular opinion author for Faith on View.

Questions Editorial Team

At Faith on View, we have noticed a trend of websites answering questions about faith, God, the Bible, etc. with dogmatic certitude while reducing the diverse perspectives and complex history of Christian ideas down to milquetoast simplicities. Faith on View is looking to develop a resource that responds to people's legitimate questions about faith, history, and scripture in a way that honors the diversity and complexity of Christian thought. 

We are developing an editorial team of thinkers and writers who wish to help us develop this meaningful resource. Members of the editorial team work together in a process of writing and responding to the writing of other team members to produce thoughtful long-form content that responds to major questions related to Christianity. To express your interest in joining the Questions Editorial Team please reach out to our Executive Editor, Rondall Reynoso, to express your interest.  

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Faith on View began publishing essays in 2011 as a personal blog and has grown to share the voices of multiple authors. 

We seek to expand the authors we share especially to include more voices of women and people of color. We ask essayists to commit to writing one essay a month. Though we are open to them sharing additional essays beyond this base commitment. There is no word limit for these essays. They are often long form. In general, we are looking for authors who want to be a part of our community of authors and not just guest authors though on rare occasions we do publish pieces by guest authors. 

It is important for authors to fit with the ethos of Faith on View so we encourage potential authors to read our articles. If you disagree with the authors at times, that is fine, but if the tenor and approach of our articles makes you angry then we are not a good fit for each other. The START HERE page is a good place to begin exploring the site. We also require that contributing authors feel comfortable with our Spiritual Foundations Statement. We do not require 100% agreement but a general agreement and comfort with writing for a publication with such a foundational statement. The first article by a contributing author is always an article about the author's spiritual journey. 

If you are interested in writing for Faith on View, we encourage you to reach out to Pamela. A draft of the author's spiritual journey will be required in considering the fit of the author. 

Example Spiritual Journey essays: