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Southern Baptist Convention In Trouble?

Mark Wingfield gives us a look at what’s going on in the SBC. It looks as though there is dissension in the ranks due to sexual abuse claims. The organization has been attempting to deal with these issues for at least the last 15 months, which is when Jeff Pearson joined as Chief Financial Officer.

Pearson’s departure comes on the heels of resignations by Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd and Executive Vice President Greg Addison in October 2021. Both Floyd and Addison resigned in protest of the vote by trustees to waive attorney-client privilege in the investigation.

Pearson submitted his resignation letter and made two very specific points. The first of which was to state his position on the sex abuse investigation.

On the first point, he explains: “It is critically important to me that it is crystal clear, I have always been and I remain fully in favor of the current investigation of the Executive Committee. I am committed to fully cooperate and have instructed our staff and those assisting the Executive Committee with this investigation to fully cooperate. To my knowledge and everything I have witnessed indicates everyone associated with the Executive Committee staff and those assisting the Executive Committee have fully complied (with) these instructions. We at the Executive Committee, like the messengers of the 2021 annual meeting, want the truth to be revealed so the Southern Baptist Convention can move forward with recovery, reconciliation and healing.”

Read the full article HERE.

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