Rev Freddie Haynes III steps down from Rainbow Push Coalition

Rev. Freddie Haynes III

Just three months after he was installed as president of the Rainbow Push
Coalition, the Rev. Freddie Haynes II abruptly resigned this week as leader
of the historic Civil Rights organization. Last July, the Rev. Jesse
Jackson had selected Haynes to lead the organization starting in 2024.

Immigration seen as threat and economic burden in Evangelical eyes

immigration crack down

Survey: Even with growing concerns over the past two years, most still favor immigration reform and say the church has a responsibility to help.
American evangelicals have complex perspectives on immigration and want a nuanced political response, but most want Congress to act soon.
A Lifeway Research study sponsored by the Evangelical Immigration Table found evangelicals are increasingly concerned about the number of recent immigrants to the US but still believe Christians have a responsibility to care for those who are in the country illegally. While most want to secure the border to prevent additional illegal immigration, evangelicals also advocate for a path to citizenship for those already in the country.
“While many evangelicals fear that our nation is harmed by the volume of recent immigrants, more feel responsible to show compassion,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research. “The urgency continues to grow among evangelicals for Congress to act this year to improve laws around immigration.”
Many evangelicals have a negative perception of the recent number of immigrants to the United States. Half (50%) say they are a drain on economic resources. More than a third see the number as a threat to the safety of citizens (37%) and a threat to law and order (37%), while 28 percent say they are a threat to traditional American customs and culture.
Yet, a large percentage of evangelicals see the number coming to the country as an opportunity or even an improvement. Two in 5 evangelicals say the number of immigrants presents an opportunity to introduce them to Jesus Christ (40%) and to show them love (39%). Around a quarter (26%) believe immigrants represent an improvement to America’s cultural diversity, and 14 percent say they’re a boost to entrepreneurial activity.

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Between faith and survival: Nigeria’s Christian community under threat

Rev. Timothy Daluk and Nigerian Military

Violence by Islamic extremist groups such as Fulani militants, Boko Haram
and Islamic State in West African Province increased during the presidency
of Muhammadu Buhari, putting Nigeria at the epicenter of targeted violence
against the church. The West African nation of 226 million is divided
evenly between Christians and Muslims.

Faith leaders: Central to Migrant Rights Movement

A long section of U.S. border fence is shown across a swath of desert.

Originally published in The Conversation Under the banner “Take Our Border Back,” rally participants are using dehumanizing language about an “invasion” and citing the “great replacement ” conspiracy theory, which claims that a cabal of …

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