Christian rights activist jailed in Egypt

A sand colored and smooth surfaced Coptic monastery with domes and arches is shown.

David Gritten of BBC News writes that Coptic Christian activist Patrick Zaki was convicted in Egypt over a recent article he wrote about his life as a Copt in the Muslim-majority nation. He was sentenced …

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Iraqi Christians criticize Stockholm Quran burning

A mosque in Stockholm is shown from the street and partly obscured by trees.

La Croix International writes about the controversy behind a recent Quran-burning incident outside the Great Mosque of Stockholm. While the incident was projected by Swedish free speech laws, the burning has been controversial, especially in …

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Church synod adopts resolution against book bans

A woman stands touching books on a library shelf as if trying to find a particular one.

Responding to a national atmosphere in which more and more state legislatures have adopted laws restricting content in classrooms and even public libraries, the voting delegates at the United Church of Christ’s general synod adopted …

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Filipino Christians untangle colonial legacy

Manila Cathedral is shown from the street.

Hannah Keziah Agustin of Christianity Today writes about how Filipino Christian leaders are working to reconcile their religious beliefs with the legacy of colonialism. The Philippines remain one of the few Christian-majority countries in Asia, …

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SBC finalizes vote to expel female-led churches

A huge crowd is seen inside a colosseum.

Peter Smith and Deepa Bharath of NBC Philadelphia write that a final decision by the Southern Baptist Convention has rejected an appeal from California’s Saddleback megachurch and Kentucky’s smaller Fern Creek Baptist church over expulsion …

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