David Hankins, Joe Aguillard, and the Train Wreck Louisiana College has Become.

The problems at Louisiana College are well documented at this point and likely even more details will become known over the coming weeks. What, I believe, remains unclear for many is how did this all come about and how has it been allowed to go on for eight years?

The beginning was before my time at LC so I can only give my impressions. I took a position at Louisiana College because of the introduction of a conservative theological approach. Being a part of a movement that had returned a school from “liberalism” to “Biblical Christianity” was very appealing to me. What became obvious within a short period of  time was that many good people also got hurt in the transition. I think there were some changes that needed to be made but they seem to have been accomplished in an acrimonious rather than a loving way.

Dr. David Hankins

As I went about my work at Louisiana College, it quickly became apparent that the administration did not have the proper focus. There was one announcement after another about plans that sounded great to the public but left those working at LC wondering about the lack of support for the institution’s core academic programs and facilities. Further, the rapid turnover of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) was troubling. There were three VPAA’s in the four years I worked at the college and there has already been another turnover in the two years since. To me personally, I was troubled by the consistent lies I was told in my numerous meetings with the President.

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Louisiana College: Dr. Scott Culpepper Responds to the Baptist Message

Dr. Scott Culpepper
Dr. Scott Culpepper

This letter by Scott Culpepper to Kelly Boggs of The Baptist Message will be published in next week’ s Message but is released here first since it will not be published until after Louisiana College Board of Trustees.

Mr. Boggs,

I wanted to respond to the article you recently published on the situation at Louisiana College (Situation at Louisiana College Unfolds, March 12, 2013).  The article implies that my expression of concern about the issues at Louisiana College was motivated by a desire to see Reformed theology dominate Louisiana College.  It is impossible for me to state in quantifiable measures how little I care about seeing Reformed theology become dominant in any Baptist school, including Louisiana College. 

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Accreditation, Bigotry, and Paranoia

This is a wonderful piece written by Bob Vincent Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, Louisiana. I think this is a powerful piece dealing with some profound spiritual issues. It is personally interesting to …

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