19 Department of Health Violations at Louisiana College

There is a lot of virtual ink being spilled over the current Calvinism controversy at Louisiana College. What has largely been ignored is the deplorable state of leadership at the college. The facilities are is disrepair, the college finances are a mess, continued accreditation is in doubt, and now the Department of Health sites LC for 19 health violations in the cafeteria. The violations include:

  • The food not being cooked properly.
  • Hot food not being kept hot enough.
  • Cold food not being kept cold enough.
  • Equipment, utensils, and surfaces not being clean.
  • The dish washer not being hot enough.
  • Toxic chemicals being stored with/above the food.
  • And more…

When I taught at LC students always complained about the Hattie B. Strother Cafeteria. I even ate there myself on a semi-regular basis. This is not what students are paying for or what their parents want for them. Just another sign that the real issue at LC in not theology but administrative incompetence.

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